Contact Wolf

Build up a contacts database with ease

Contact Wolf's award winning design sets a new standard in contact management software. An intuitively easy to use interface lets you start building your contact database without hesitation. Keep detailed records on everyone you know - phone numbers, addresses, internet addresses, family info, business details, personal comments and more.

Designed for both home and business, contact Wolf is completely compatible with almost any network. If you are a business user with multiple work stations you can easily configure Contact Wolf to share its database between all users on your network.

Contact Wolf works great too if you are an average home user with only one computer, but if you decide to purchase another computer in the future why not have software that can grow with you? The program easily imports data from most other contact software (including Microsoft Excel, Outlook, and Outlook Express).

Features of Contact Wolf:

  • Network compatible Contact Management Software!
  • Share the database between all users on any network
  • Intuitively easy to use interface
  • Keeps detailed records on everyone you know
  • Powered by a dynamic relational database engine
  • Unlimited capacity
  • Organizes all your phone #'s, addresses, internet addresses and much more
  • Powerful search engine finds any keyword or phrase in your database
  • Separate personal/business directories
  • Create and assign your own categories
  • Phone log option that saves a detailed record of phone calls
  • One button phone dialing
  • One button emailing
  • Export an email list and a mass emailing option
  • One button website access
  • Printing capability (including labels - most Avery label formats supported)
  • Report options that print out beautifully formatted reports

Contact Wolf


Contact Wolf 2.442

User reviews about Contact Wolf

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    "Superb contact management software"

    The best contact management software Ive ever seen. Really easy to use. Far superior to ACT! that costs a lot more. I im... More.

    reviewed on April 10, 2015

  • "Doesn't import properly to Outlook - a big miss"

    So much potential...but doesn't do what the Marketing messages tell DOESN'T import properly into Outlook...for ... More.

    reviewed on March 23, 2012